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Notified Recruitment Rules of Various Posts in IA&AD
Complaints Committee
Tender Notices
List of Holidays -2015

Online Grievance Redressal
For GPF & Pension
Posting of Sr.DAO/DAO/DA

Guidelines on transfers and postings of Group ‘B’ and ‘C’ Staff.


Issue  of Annual Accounts Slips of General Provident Fund (GPF).

Process  :  Posting of all credits (Subscriptions) and debits (Withdrawals) to and from GPF of all subscribers from the GPF schedules received from treasuries every month.  At the end of the financial year Interest is calculated and included in the GPF account of each subscriber.  GPF Annual Accounts Slips are generated and distributed to various subscribers through various Drawing and Disbursing Officers.

Due Date  :  The  due date for issue for GPF accounts slips is 31 July 2013.

Status : The GPF Account Statements for the year 2012-13 were dispatched manually in due time. The same Account Statements have been uploaded in our Official Website along with Statements of previous 10 years. Information regarding these statements can be accessed by the GPF subscribers with a password and user ID, which is provided by the State Government for various other purposes. From 2013-14 onwards GPF Account Statements will only be issued through e-mode.


Non-receipts  : A subscriber can obtain a copy of GPF account slip by sending  a request through the DDO in case of non-receipt of the GPF Accounts Slip.

Missing Credits and Debits :  The missing credits and debits depicted in the accounts slip issued by this office will be cleared and adjusted on receipt of details of the same from the subscriber forwarded through the DDO. 

GPF  Final Payment

A GPF subscriber is entitled to get his GPF balance in this account after closure of the account.  The account can be closed four months before the retirement or on retirement. 

On receipt of full information in respect of a subscriber the GPF final balance would be authorized within 30 to 60 days.


                Balance in GPF, which could not be authorized due to non-availability of details is called Residual Balance in GPF.

The RB would be authorized after receipt of details from the subscriber through the DDO.

GPF authorization based on Collatral Evidence :

Inspite of all efforts, if details of GPF of a subscriber could not be traced and if the details are pertaining to very old period, action would be taken to authorize the balance in GPF on the strength of Collateral Evidence viz. GPF passbook   etc.

If the subscriber is not satisfied with the amount of authorization, he/she can approach the GPF Grievance Cell with sufficient supporting details and based on the details available action would be taken to revise the authorization  if necessary.

The subscriber can also approach the Hon’ble High Court/High Power Committee constituted by the Hon’ble High Court etc. for redressal of his grievance relating to GPF.


Employees who have been recruited after 1.11.2004 are covered by Contributory Pension Scheme and are not to contribute to GPF. They should not apply for GPF account number.

ऐसे शासकीय कर्मचारी जिनकी नियुक्ति 1.11.2004 के पश्‍चात् हुई हो, वे सामान्‍य भविष्‍य निधि के सदस्‍य नहीं बन सकते हैं, अंत: उन्‍हें सामान्‍य भविष्‍य निधि हेतु आवेदन नहीं करना चाहिए ।

F सामान्‍य भविष्‍य निधि का अंति‍म भुगतान ब्‍यौरा
GPF Final Payment Status

F List Returned Case

F I.A.S. अधिकारीयों (छ. ग) का जीपीएफ विवरण
GPF Details For IAS Officers (C. G.)

F सामान्‍य भविष्‍य निधि के बारे में जानिये
About GPF

Fदिशा निर्देश - DDO
Directions to DDO

F 1964-65 से सामान्‍य भविष्‍य निधि की ब्‍याज दरें
Rates of GPF Since 1964-65

F सामान्‍य भविष्‍य निधि से संबंधित प्रश्‍नावली
Frequent Asked question (FAQ)

F सा0भ0नि0 संधारण हेतु आहरण संवितरण अधिकारियों को निर्देश
Instructions to DDO for maintenance of GPF

F सा0भ0नि0 संधारण हेतु अभिदाताओं को निर्देश
Instructions to Subscribers for GPF

F Right to Information

F वार्षिक लेखा पर्ची
Annual Account Slip


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